Taylor Swift's biggest fan is recreating her most famous outfits and they're amazing!

You won't believe she made these all herself!

You might think this is Taylor Swift, but in fact it is 18 year old Lotte Lutjes AKA Taylor Swift's biggest fan. And as if their uncanny resemblance isn't enough, the Dutch teen has taken to recreating Taylor's most famous outfits. The result? Spot on! Her recreations are so accurate that she has even caught the attention of Taylor herself, who once reblogged one of Lutjes' posts with the caption "Lol I thought it was me."

Now her outfits, which she posts on her Taylor-obsessed Instagram feed, are gaining world-wide attention. “I loved making and wearing the outfits so much that I just kept going, also because of the positive comments I received from lots of other fans,” she recently told Huffington Post. And Swifts fans are certainly loving it! Go to the gallery on the next page to see why...