This Harry Potter and Disney lip art is the most beautiful thing you'll see today

This Instagrammer is building a MASSIVE following because of her breath-taking work!

This golden warrior princess is Miss Jazmina, the super-talented Instagrammer whose posts are gaining her a LOT of attention! Her skills as a makeup artist (as you can see) are basically out of this world..... seriously, I want to be a golden warrior princess too! But what's got everyone talking is her incredibly beautiful, detailed lip art! With 747k followers and counting, her ridiculously intricate work has made her an Instagram super star! 

Her art is inspired by all sorts of things, from lego, to galaxies, to cityscapes - but what we are obsessed with is her Disney and Harry Potter-inspired work. She says that her artwork can take her anywhere from 10 minutes to several hours... but no matter how long it's totally worth it! Just go to the next page to look at the gallery and see what I mean!