Disney Princesses As Grown Up Queens Are Even More Gorgeous Than You Imagined

This designer and photographer duo are showing us what our favorite Disney Princesses would look like AFTER their happily-ever-afters.

I know, I know. Disney Princesses reimagined isn't exactly something we haven't seen before. But one thing we never really get to see is what happens AFTER the happily-ever-after. What happens when our beloved Ariel, Belle and the gang grow into older, yet no less beautiful queens? Luckily for us diehard Disney fans (I know I'm not the only one here!) costume designer, Nephi Garcia, and photographer, Tony Ross, recently teamed up for a gorgeous photo series colab that answers that very question!

The duo rounded up five lovely young ladies and their real-life mothers to assume the characters of Disney's most beloved princesses turned queens. This first image of the series, shown above, shows the creative pair's interpretation of Ariel. If you think that's beautiful, just wait until you see the Little Mermaid all grown up on the next page...