World leaders are turned into hipsters through this guy's artwork

Ever wondered what Donald Trump looks like as a hipster?

Ever wondered what the world's leaders - both past and present - would look like if they were part of Generation Y? Amit Shimoni, a 29-year-old illustrator, did, and created now viral artworks that reimagine politicians such as Nelson Mandela and Donald Trump as present-day hipsters. 

"I often find myself thinking about the differences between these world’s greatest leaders, their beliefs and motivations, and our self-centered generation," wrote the young artist for Bored Panda. He says that this collection of illustrations, called HIPSTORY, "wishes not to criticize, but to shed new light on the way we think of ourselves and the figures who inspire us."

His brightly-coloured illustrations have become so popular that they are being printed on iPhone covers, shower curtains, mugs and more! And they are so perfect that we put together a gallery of our favourite 8 illustrations.

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