Matthew Perry Finally Spills The Beans On Friends Reunion

It's the moment we've all been waiting for

Matthew Perry Finally Spills The Beans On Friends Reunion

Sad news, friends! If it's up to the guy who gave us the best one-liners in sitcom history, the answer is a definite no. While my heart breaks at this news, he does have some solid reasoning behind his anti-comeback stance.

In a recent interview with Variety, the star explained, "When I’m asleep, I have this nightmare that we do Friends again and nobody cares. We do a whole series, we come back, and nobody cares about it.” I'm going to stop you right there, dude. We would DEFINITELY all care, so say it isn't so!

Sadly, he went on to say, "So if anybody asks me, I’m gonna say no. The thing is we ended on such a high. We can’t beat it. Why would we go and do it again?”

So as I take a moment to mourn the reunion that could have been, I suppose the actor (who now stars in an Off-Broadway play he wrote himself) has a fair point. They did end on such a high - a high that's only left us longing for more. Oh well, back to my box set to watch all ten seasons for the hundredth time I go!