Emma Watson's latest movie was a financial flop at the U.K Box Office

It barely made $60 - and this is why...

Emma Watson's latest movie was a financial flop at the U.K Box Office
Source: YouTube

Emma Watson has probably become accustomed to the dollars rolling in after every movie she makes. Her most famous role, Hermoine Granger, of course, saw her starring in a franchise that grossed $7.7 billion. So when her latest movie, The Colony, only made $61 on its opening weekend at the UK box office, we're sure she was just as confused as we are.

The Colony looks to be a pretty intense movie about a young woman entering a dangerous cult to save her boyfriend. Watson plays the heroin, Lena, who goes after her boyfriend who has been captured by Chilean secret police. She enters the Colonia Dignidad cult in Pinochet-era Chile undercover, but soon realises her chances of escape from the dangerous are minimal. Even scarier? It's based on a true story!

It's all pretty intense, to say the least. How intense? Watch the trailer on the next page to find out!

Source: Youtube

I don't know about, but this movie looks pretty freakin amazing! I mean, I'd watch anything with Emma Watson in it, but the story itself seems gripping enough that anybody would enjoy it. So why did it make such a minuscule amount upon release?

Apparently the film was only released in 3 cinemas nation wide! The plan is for the main sales of the film to stem from Video on Demand. Apparently, the release of the film in cinemas was more ceremonial than anything else. Phew! So not so disastrous after all!