This is what men fear most in bed

And no, it's not your cellulite or stretch marks!

This is what men fear most in bed

What do you fear when you head for the bedroom? There are usually all sorts of things going through our minds: OMG did I shave?? Will he think I look good naked?? Did he hear my stomach make that noise? Am I good at this? Does he have a condom??

Well, you're not alone in these thoughts - and even more so than you may think! The truth is that men have their bedroom-related fears too, and a recent survey by Superdrug Online Doctor proves it. 2000 European and American men and women were asked about their fears when it came to getting kinky, and the results might surprise you!

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The results are in, and it seems it's safety first across the board! Both men and women's greatest fear was safety-related, so make sure the first thing you do to alleviate your partner's fears is grab a condom. But take a look at number 2 on our male counterparts' list and you'll find that men tend to think less about themselves than you might think. The second biggest worry for men is that their partner won't be satisfied! Now that's one fear we will be taking advantage of....

Another statistic that might shock you is 5th on the list for men: that we won't find their naked bodies attractive! While the results show that we worry about this slightly more than men, it's good to know that we aren't the only ones fussing about our lumps and bumps. In fact, as it turns out, guys worry far more about their size than we do!

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Men and women were asked to rate the seriousness of their fear from 1-10, and it turns out that men are far more worried about size than we are! If only they knew how little we really cared..... 

And what about other embarrassing sex fears? Accidentally passing wind while doing the deed? How about saying the wrong name?

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Ok ladies, it looks like we are in fact the more fearful sex! When it comes to an embarrassing bodily function accidentally occurring in bed, we rated our fear around 5/10, while men only rated their fear at 3,8 on average. Women also tend to be more fearful of the noises they make during sex, not that we've ever heard of men being turned off by our screams!

The only time men tended to be more embarrassed than women was when it came to kinky sex, where the stats also revealed than Europeans are apparently way kinkier than Americans. 

Hmmm. All we can say is the only way to conquer your fears is to face them... have fun ;)