Glitter hair tattoos are now a thing!

This trend is taking social media by storm

There are 3 things we're a little obsessed with..... tattoos, undercuts and glitter! Now combine all 3 and you get a trend worth sharing (and trying.... if you're brave enough!)

Glitter hair tattoos are officially a thing, and hair stylists have taken to Instagram to show off their sparkly creations. Of course, this isn't as permanent as an actual tattoo... the glitter will wash out and your hair will grow back. But who cares? It just gives us the opportunity to do it all over again. And with this gallery of gorgeous glitter hair tattoos, you'll have tons of styles to choose from!

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1. Sunrise Sparkle

This creation by Swiss salon, Gitty & Göff Haircut Boutique, is all about glittering gold!

2. Mermaid Magic

This sea blue hair reminds us of sunlight hitting the ocean. Stunning!

3. Multicoloured Pastels

Perfect braid to show off the party in the back!

4. Heartbeat

This style really captured our hearts ;)

5. Stars and Stripes

4th of July is around the corner.... perhaps this is a good look for the event ;)

Glitter hair tattoos are now a thing!

6. Deep Purple

Forget pretty in pink..... how about PERFECT in purple! Love this one!

7. Peacock Inspired

When glitter tattoos meet the real thing.... only good things can happen! 

8. Perfect Symmetry

Pair a glitter tattoo with a short cut and your newest accessory will always be on display!

9. Side view

Why not try something different..... something bold... and put your tattoo on the side rather than underneath? 

Glitter hair tattoos are now a thing!

10. All blue everything

Beautiful in blue!