It’s that time of year again; the Kardashians are back on our screens!

It’s that time of year again; the Kardashians are back on our screens! As much as we maynot like to admit it, we’re hooked and want to see what’s happening on keeping up with theKardashians. As always, they never fail to keep the drama coming!

Just a quick recap on one of the show’s big stories to get you up to speed - the dramabetween Kylie, Tyga, Rob, and Blac Chyna, which gets complicated! So Kylie is dating Tyga,who used to be engaged to Blac Chyna and have a son together, King Cairo. Rob and BlacChyna are now engaged, which makes the tension between Kylie and Chyna even moreintense. And when you think about it, while Rob and Kylie are siblings, they could bothpotentially end up being stepparents to King Cairo… Weird, right?!

Just to further complicate things, Blac Chyna also used to be good friends with Kim (but notanymore) and is the BFF of Amber Rose, who used to date Kanye West, Kim’s husband.Needless to say, there has been lot of public arguments between the Kardashians and bothBlac Chyna and Amber Rose since Kylie and Tyga got together.

In the last few months, Rob has finally emerged from hiding from the public and recentlyproposed to Blac Chyna (after 3 months of dating) with a super sparkly ring, reportedlyworth a whopping $325,000! None of the Kardashian/Jenner clan mentioned theengagement on their various social media channels, rumor having it that the family is notimpressed that he popped the question. With Rob finally making a return to the show aftera 2 year break, we’ll have to wait and see if the family accepts his relationship with Chyna.The latest season’s premier shows Khloé getting annoyed by the fact that Rob invited BlacChyna over to her house without asking her first. Khloé finds the whole situation“disrespectful”. We then see the girls questioning Kris on why she is buying Rob a house,telling her she needs to “Drop him. Cut the cord”. Kris retaliates back, reminding the girls ofhow many problems they have all had and how she has put up with all of their issues.Arguably one of the best Kris Jenner moments is when Kris disses Kim -“I’m married for 72days. Really? That was normal.”

Khloé has been busy promoting her book and looking after Lamar during his recovery. Sheorganizes a new house for him to come home to and we’re all still left wondering, will theyget back together or won’t they?! Another story that is likely to develop throughout the newseason.

Kris is seen getting emotional with Caitlyn when she steps in to defend Khloé. Caitlyn is madat Khloé because of what she said in some interviews during her book tour.Moving on from that, we see Scott trying to turn his life around (again) and it all looks likeit’s going well, until the end of the show where he is meant to host a family dinner and goesAWOL after a night on the town with Tyga. Everyone is rooting for Scott to change, but asKourtney puts it, he always takes “a few steps forwards and then a few steps backwards”;no doubt we will see more of his ups and downs as the season continues.So there you have it. In true Kardashian style, the foundations have been laid for a dramaticseason and now we just need to get the popcorn ready, sit back, and wait for the stories tounravel and the drama to unfold!

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