Forget flower crowns, this is the new must-have festival accessory!

Here comes the BIGGEST festival fashion craze...

It seems that the age of the beautiful flower crown has come and sadly gone. Once glorified as the ultimate festival accessory, it's new connotation is 'That's so 2013!'. But luckily, lovely festival goers, there's a new trend to replace it and it is absolutely breathtaking!

So what is it, you ask? Find out on the next page! 

Say hello to the beautiful, magical, mystical mermaid crown! A mix of jewels, beads, shells and just about anything that sparkles, these unique head pieces will definitely turn heads no matter where you wear it!

Of course, the best place to wear this beautiful crown is a festival... but which one to choose from?? There are so many!!

The perfect match to this gorgeous mermaid crown is mermaid hair, of course! Some septum bling totally finishes the look too. Of course, not all of us are brave enough to wear this look, so maybe the option on the next page is more your thing...

A little simpler, but not any less pretty! From big to small, they are all absolutely on my summer wish list! But the one on the next page has to be my ultimate favourite! 

Wow! Beautiful and fit for a mermaid princess!!

So what do you think, ladies? Do you love this trend as much as I do?