You won't stop laughing at this mom's tweets about her 7 year old

When can I meet this kid and become her BFF though?

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This is Bea, the seven-year-old kid from LA whose conversations with her mom have had the entire internet in stitches. Her thoughts on everything from Donald Trump to periods have been documented on Twitter by her mom, Kelly Oxford (who is a New York Times best selling author) to her 661 000 followers. Apparently the apple doesn't fall far from the tree for this witty little girl, because her way with words, just like her writer-mom, has turned her into somewhat of an internet sensation. 

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I feel you, Bea!

Somebody's in for a surprise when puberty hits... 😂

She knows what's up

When a 7 year old talks more sense than half a country...

The struggle all us meat eaters face

Such a dilemma for such a little mind...

When you get hit by the facts of life

Life will never be the same again...

Real Wisdom

This girl is deep yo...

Writer in the making

Well, let's hope that's what this is about...

Raising kids in LA

Yup, doesn't sound like heaven to me!

Thanks, Jay-Z

We, too, are grateful for his cheating ways, little Queen Bea.

Sit down, old man.


Act cool, Mom!

Because 7 is the new 17, obviously. 

Bea understands us.

What else are Sunday nights made for?

Give me a break!

Ah, the stresses of being 7 years old...

Me neither.

The way this one's mind works...