You'll love this artist's cute reimaginations of Disney characters as kids!

Not your average Disney characters reimagined...

Source: Instagram

This is a self-portrait of illustrator and Instagrammer, Lorna Kelleher. She posts her gorgeous illustrations (often Disney-inspired) to her thousands of Instagram followers every day. And while she often creates portraits such as these, it's her recent illustrations that have caught the world's attention.

Lorna very cleverly draws Disney characters as kids - but we're not talking about Disney Princesses here. She takes characters such as Nemo of Finding Nemo or Flounder from the Little Mermaid, and draws them as human kids instead. Her designs use quirky elements from the original characters to make them recognizable, and the final results are brilliant.

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Source: Instagram

1. Flounder

Just look at the Mohawk! Wildly creative!

Source: Instagram

2. Nemo and Squirt

Another clever touch with the shell backpack!

Source: Instagram

3. Sully and Mike

The eyepatch!! Brilliant!

Source: Instagram

4. Dory

We might have just seen baby Dory in Finding Dory, but not a human version. Notice the freckles!

Source: Instagram

5. Ariel

Complete with a seaweed pacifier!