Here are 15 mandala tattoos that will leave you feeling inspired

You're going to want to copy a few of these...

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Mandalas have become a hot trend for tattoo artists to play with! From the bright and colourful to the simplistic black and white, we're spotting them all over our Instagram feed, and it's easy to tell why. Besides their obvious beauty, they are meaningful too, and the message behind the mandala is pretty deep. 

Circles form the foundation of mandalas - in fact, the word mandala means 'circle' in Sanskrit. Ideas of balance and symmetry come to mind, and as every part of a mandala that emerges from the centre circle is equal, there is no part that is more important than the other. Mandalas represent wholeness, and connects us with the idea that we are all one. Beautiful!

Go to the next page to see the gallery of stunning mandala tattoos; perhaps you'll find some inspiration for your next one!

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1. Minimalistic

This tattoo is a beautiful combination of simplicity and bright colours.

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2. Classic

This classic black mandala is so intricate! 

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3. Combination

This combination of geometric animal designs and a classic mandala is absolutely unique!

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4. Lotus flower

This mandala is reminiscent of a lotus flower... gorgeous!

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5. Watercolour

Gorgeous combination of two of our favourite styles!

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6. Dot work

It doesn't get simpler than this!

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7. Dot work sleeve

Or, create an entire magnificent sleeve using mandalas!

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8. Details

We can't believe this was done free hand!

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9. Perspective

Playing with perspective adds a whole new dimension to this tattoo.

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10. Full body

Quite a commitment to the style!

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11. Contrast

An unlikely pair that totally works.

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12. Bright and bold

Using only bright, bold colours, this piece definitely stands out.

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13. Feminine

Simple lines can sometimes have the greatest effect!

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14. Placement

Gorgeous placement makes a huge different! 

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15. Intricate

This combination of mandalas, lotus flower, owl and hanging crystals is absolutely gorgeous.