This easy tutorial shows you how to get beautiful ombre lips in minutes

It's easier than you ever imagined!

Source: Instagram

If you've been scrolling through your Pinterest or Instagram feed sifting through the latest beauty trends, then you've definitely come across the ombre lip. It's striking, bold, memorable and, surprisingly, not that hard to master! And if you're second guessing whether you could pull off an unusual look like this, the answer is YES! of course you can! Not only is is quick an easy to achieve, but it also makes your lips look plumper (as long as your chosen shade is not too dark). And bonus? If you're one of those girls who spend hours deciding what to wear in the morning (lipstick shade included) then this one's for you! Why choose one shade when you can have both?

So, click on the next page to watch this super easy ombre lip tutorial!

Source: Youtube