8 Beautiful bouquet tattoos every girl will love

Bouquets are just for brides? Think again!

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Bouquet tattoos are one of my absolute favourite tattoo designs. Being a tad indecisive, trying to decide which flower I want for my next floral tat has proved to be near impossible. So I decided, why not have a whole bunch... pun intended­čśť

From tiny twigs to large pieces like this one, bouquet tattoos are not limiting at all. They come in all styles, but if you're as indecisive as I am perhaps this gallery of our 8 favourite bouquet pieces might overwhelm at first. But then again, what's stopping you from getting them all?? :)

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1. Simple Dandelion Bouquet 

Made of simple black lines, this tattoo is a perfect spring-inspired piece.

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2. Combination

The bouquet doesn't always have to be the star of the show. Instead, in this piece, is provides the perfect backdrop for a dainty little birdie. 

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3. Wildflowers

Wildflowers and a coffee plant - a tattooed hipster's dream!

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4. Larger than life

This hand-held bouquet dips its toes into the traditional while still being totally original. Love it!

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5. Red and Blue

This colourful piece pushes the boundaries with its bright colours.

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6. Something Dainty

A sweet mini bouquet proving that less is more.

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7. Illustrative 

With no outlines, this gorgeous tattoo is soft and feminine.

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8. Blackwork

Love the placement of this simple blackwork bouquet!