Kylie Jenner tweets Tyga's d*ck bends like a banana!

Her account was hacked. Bad.

Source: Twitter

WHAT did I just read??? Kylie Jenner went on an epic Twitter rampage tweeting out all kinds of comments. From blatantly racist, to down-right disgusting, we watched as Kylie's Twitter feed became filled with tweets we are sure Kris would not be too pleased with.

"I want ur c*ck @justinbieber" said one tweet. "So when's the shoot @pornhub" read another. Of course, the youngest member of the Kardashian clan wasn't the one spewing out these horrendous tweets. Her account was hacked, and the tweets were deleted as quickly as they were posted.

But the best part of the hack was the response she posted to Snapchat! Go to the next page to see exactly what she had to say to her hacker...

Source: Instagram

Go Kylie! This 18-year-old starlet has clearly been in the limelight for long enough, because she knew exactly how to deal with an internet creeper like this.

She posted this video on Snapchat soon after the hack, munching away at chocolate-covered pretzels like it was just another casual Sunday night. "So my Twitter was hacked and I don't really care, I'm just letting him have fun." Keeping it classy, K! 

She did, however, address one specific tweet in another Snapchat video, putting to rest any rumours that may have surfaced after the hack.... Go to the next page to see the Snap!

Source: Instagram

"well my sex tape with tyga was trash" read another one of the tweets. After some controversy surrounding a supposed collection of sex tapes surfaced not long ago, many fans asked Kylie to leak the alleged sex tape. But Kylie responded with a HELL NO.....

"Guys, you are never going to see a sex tape from me. It’s not going to happen." she said on this Snapchat video. In a  family made famous thanks to a certain sister's sex tape, we wouldn't exactly be surprised if a Kylie-Tyga sex tape were to arise... but after this Snap, we can all be pretty sure that all the rumours are just that.