This is what 100 layers of foundation will do to your skin

This beauty vlogger actually did it so (thankfully) you don't have to!

This is what 100 layers of foundation will do to your skin
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There is that universal piece of wisdom that we are taught from a young age: less is more. Whether in the beauty world or anywhere in real life, this saying can be applied to almost every situation. It's true, especially in makeup application, where applying too much bronzer will make you look like you've escaped from Jersey Shore and too much eye shadow will make you look like you've been punched in the face!

But more than any other beauty product, when it comes to foundation, less truly is more. Adding just one layer too many will make your foundation appear cakey, uneven and totally unnatural. So just imagine applying 100 layers of the stuff!

Well, that's what this beauty vlogger did, and you can see the crazy results on the next pages...

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Here is Jesefin Lilakas, better known as YouTuber, Jeely. The Swedish beauty vlogger is known for her makeup tutorials and vlogs, but her latest one showed what NOT to do rather than give useful makeup tips. Why? She decided to attempt to cover her face in not 2 layers of foundation as pictured here, but 100!

Want to know what that looks like? See the video on the next page!

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One hundred layers of foundation is no joke, as you can see here! Josefin even needed a hair dryer to dry each individual layer.... Well, the end result is pretty scary, to say the least. From pretty blonde vlogger to looking like a pale alien, this video definitely proves the 'less is more' theory!

But that's not Jeely's only extreme makeover: Go to the next page you see her "100-layers of mascara" tutorial!

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One layer, ok. Two layers, perfect. But anything more than that and it looks like she has spiders' legs crawling out of her eye lids. Gross! I definitely won't be trying this at home, but at least now you know what it would look like.... in case you were ever curious!