This woman got back at her cheating ex in the best way possible.

This is brilliant!

This woman got back at her cheating ex in the best way possible.
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What's the best way to get back at your cheating ex boyfriend? Well, this woman certainly had a plan, and we have to say, we are in awe of her pure evil genius! He totally deserved it.

It all started when an anonymous Reddit user took to the site to seek advice. In the thread, he explained how he and his ex girlfriend had been together for almost a year, but that for the majority of that time their relationship had been long distance. He explained that he had a lot of jealousy issues which he let get the better of him. To compensate for his insecurity, the dude decided to sleep with his ex as well as several other girls. When they eventually broke up, his now ex-girlfriend found out about the cheating, which resulted in a massive fight in which the Reddit user said some nasty things that he apparently regrets.

Well, we are sure he regrets everything he did to hurt this lady, because she got back at him in the best way possible! Go to the next page to find out what she did...

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This bad-ass woman has since been sending her ex Game of Thrones spoilers every week. What a queen!

Since he is abroad and his internet connection is bad, he is behind on the GoT action. So ever since the Season 6 premiere, she's been sending him spoilers from fake accounts, mutual friends' phones and private messages. This woman is so cunning she could put Cersei Lannister to shame!

The cheating ex was hoping to get some advice from fellow Reddit users, but instead he was met with more spoilers and users calling him a "cheating a**-hole". Since then, the thread has been deleted, but at least some were quick enough to grab a screenshot before it was too late! Hope this guy has learnt his lesson: a Lannister always pays his debts, and so do scorned ex girlfriends!