Everybody is freaking out about this kid's "talent" and we have no idea why

He flipped a water bottle and suddenly everyone lost their mind.

Source: Twitter

Mike Senatore, a high school senior at Ardrey Kell High School in Charlotte, North Carolina has gained internet stardom after his unusual talent went viral this week. What is this unusual talent, you might ask? Well, the dude literally flipped a bottle on a table, and when it landed perfectly on its bottom the crowd went wild. Literally. WILD! Just check out this video.

The original video posted by his friend, Wesley Manning, gained almost 50k retweets in little over 2 days. Multiple major news sources have contacted him to use the viral video and even Dory (yes, the fish), retweeted it.

When Senatore first auditioned for the talent show, the administration staff stared at him in disbelief asking him if that was all! Now, a couple of days later, his unique talent has gained him international fame, although we still aren't entirely sure what the big fuss is about....