Disney Fans Devastated Over Netflix's Latest Announcement

It's very bad news for anyone who loves Disney

Where to begin on reasons I love Netflix? Amongst the never-ending list of series and movies you'll find me binge watching in my pajamas on any given weekday night is the Disney archive. It's the magical place where 90s kids go to be transported back to their childhood, our go-to store of reminders that happy endings do exist, a stash of karaoke songs I'm not even embarrassed to admit I know every word to. And now the people over at Disney want to take that all away from us. Yes, fellow Disney mega fans, the company has just announced that the plan to pull all of its content from Netflix. 

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It's not all doom and gloom though. Disney has plans to launch their very own streaming service which, presumably, will include their entire library of Disney content. At the moment, Netflix only features a portion of Disney's movies. This streaming service is set to launch in 2019, so the good news is we do still have a little bit of time to enjoy our Netflix with a side of glass slippers and magical Prince's kisses.