This dad is recreating his teen daughter's Instagams and it's hilarious

World's most embarrassing dad?

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This bad dad is Chris 'Burr' Martin, a comedian and father to 19-year-old Cassie. The teen, like most girls her age, often posts selfies to Instagram - sexy selfies her dad does not approve of! But instead of giving his daughter a stern talking to about her revealing grams, he did something so much better.

Martins, who lives in Spokane, Washington, wrote on one of his posts, "I was copying the photos my daughter would post on her Facebook, mainly because I told her it looked like she was trying to escort Japanese businessmen and to tone it down." And while apparently she did turn it down, that hasn't curbed the dad selfies. Martins has kept them coming, and they only get funnier!

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Loving the #dadbod! He certainly gets an A for effort, going as far as drawing tattoos to match his little girl's! 

Although the hilarious images have gone viral, apparently the comedian and costume maker dad has received a bit of slack for his selfies. He told Us Weekly, "It’s been pretty funny. A few have called me a jerk, but I don't think they get it. We've kind of always made fun of each other in our family.”

But what does his teenage daughter have to say about all of this? Because his silly snaps didn't end there...

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Note the toilet paper! Such attention to detail! But how does young Cassie feel about her dad's images going viral?

"My dad is a huge comedian in the family so when he did the pictures it was a huge laugh,"  said the teen. "The funniest reaction I get is from people my age hoping their parents don't know how to work the internet so they can't jump [on] the trend my dad has started."

I wouldn't want my parents trolling around on the internet either... especially if they posted a photo like the next one!

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Whenever I feel bad about my lack of winged eyeliner skills, I'll just look at this photo to remind me it could be worse! But one thing's for sure, the 47-year-old has definitely mastered the duck face.... almost as well as the #dadselfie! Hmmm, watch out girls of Instagram, I feel a trend coming on....