These pretty paintings of celebrities are perfect!

This artist is using her favourite celebrities as inspiration for her artwork

Meet Kristen Keller and her family - or, at least, an adorable family portrait drawn by he young mom herself. The Utah-based artist is an Instagram native and has close to 100 000 followers who've fallen in love with her perfectly pretty portraits. Using Photoshop as her main tool, she creates paint-quality images of Disney princesses, her family and girls straight from her imagination. But possibly the coolest addition to her Instagram feed are the drawings she does of celebrities, which are all instantly recognisable.

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Rachel McAdams. ❤️ #rachelmcadams

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Rachel McAdams 

Regina George has never looked like such a sweetheart!

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Audrey, my fave. ♥️ #audreyhepburn

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Audrey Hepburn

Of course, this list would be incomplete without this classic beauty!

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Photo study of Emma Stone. Done in Photoshop. #emmastone

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Emma Stone

This portrait of our favourite, quirky starlet is picture perfect!

Emilia Clarke

The mother of dragons immortalized in the prettiest way imaginable. 

Ashley Olsen

In her younger days, looking cute as ever!

Cara Delevigne

This time the artist used coloured pencils. Different style, equally as awesome!

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Rose. 💕 #art #drawing #photoshop #titanic

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AKA Kate Winslet.

Emma Watson

Pictures here as Belle from Beauty and the Beast... doing justice to her name, of course.

Marilyn Monroe

Naturally, she would be here too.

Harry Potter Styles

Because why the heck not!