This guy's Game of Thrones impersonations are ridiculously good

Many-Faced God, is that you?

This guy's Game of Thrones impersonations are ridiculously good

As another season of GoT has come and gone faster than you can say "winter is coming", we're left with nothing to do on a Sunday night and a hole in our hearts only Jon Snow could fill. But while it might be another 8 months until we hear that familiar accent of the King of the North, we have something else to give us a little taste of Westeros until then.

Scheiffer Bates is a comedian from South Wales who nails every Game of Thrones impression he attempts. From Sam, to Tyrion, to even Ramsay Bolton (eugh).... and of course, our beloved Jon Snow, it seems there isn't a voice from the 7 Kingdoms he can't replicate perfectly.

Go to the next page to see his GoT impersonations video from Season 6!

Bates nails every, single character - 21 of them, in fact, in just under 3 minutes! Are you as impressed as we are? But he doesn't confine his impersonating talents to a studio. Watch the comedian take his Jon Snow impersonation to a speed dating event... where the girls are blindfolded! See the video on the next page!

This girl has obviously never watched Game of Thrones, so it's understandable that she is a bit freaked out when her potential date starts mentioning being a brother of the Nights Watch, or being a bastard, or when he asks her to be his bride. Honestly, if I were her, I'd be thinking it was a dream come true!