You need to try these HOT festival beauty looks this summer!

Move over Vanessa Hudgens, here are the new Queens of Coachella!

Vanessa Hudgens has been the reigning Queen of Coachella ever since she stepped out in 2014 with her boho beauty. This Eastern-inspired look will forever go down in Coachella history as one of the most iconic beauty looks of all time. Never mind the gorgeous flowing kaftan or those long, wavy locks - what pulled the whole piece together was the beauty look she sported here. The face jewels sparked an immediate trend that has followed every summer festival since.

Coachella may have come and gone this year, but there are still plenty of summer festivals we plan to rock out at, and these are the looks we plan on wearing..... and the MUST-TRY looks you need to rock too!

Bright and Bold

Festivals are the perfect time to be creative and go wild with your makeup! Where else could you pair orange, pink and blue and get away with it?

Flash Tattoos

Tattoos are no longer just for your body, and no longer permanent either! Use metallic flash tattoos as decorations on your face and you'll stand out at the next fest you go to in the best way possible!

Face Paint

No longer is face painting something you did at your 7th birthday party. There's no end to the creative ways you can combine shapes and colours when your face is a canvas at a festival!


Dazzle them all with as much glitter as possible.... Less is more just isn't a thing at festivals!

Colourful Eyebrows

Perhaps you've noticed that the bolder, the better! Leave your natural brows at home - festivals are all about exiting the norm.

Simple White

And if over-the-top just isn't your style, opting for plain white tribal patterns is the perfect way to subtly own the festival look.