A little girl puked on Paula Abdul and the world can't stop laughing!

She really couldn't contain her excitement....

A little girl puked on Paula Abdul and the world can't stop laughing!
Source: YouTube

There's embarrassing...... and then there's puking all over an international celebrity on television! But this 12-year-old dancer wasn't going to let that get her down and handled the humiliating situation like a total boss!

Chi Tahani was auditioning for the latest season of So You Think You Can Dance: The Next Generation. She performed an amazing routine to Beyonce's "Countdown" in the first round of auditions, and totally killed it. Without saying a word, all 3 judges got up off their seats and waved her golden ticket to the next round in the air, causing her to fall to the ground, over-come with emotion..... emotion she literally couldn't contain!

She ran to the judges to give them all hugs, but apparently Paula Abdul's hug was a little too tight, because next thing she knew the little girl puked all over her! After a few awkward moments and some laughter from the crowd, little Chi apologised, took her ticket, and ran off like a champion as though it never happened! She later told the presenter that "all the happiness just came out on her jacket!" LOL, handled like a true little champ!

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Source: Youtube

How embarrassing! Hopefully she kills it in the next few rounds..... or she will forever be remembered as the girl who puked on Paula Abdul!