This teen's makeup transformations might give you nightmares

Scarily beautiful...

19-year-old Saida Mickeviciute is a Lithuanian artist with a passion for makeup. Based in London where she currently studies fashion and textiles, she is in fact self-taught. While that may not shock you now, when you see her incredibly realistic artwork, you will probably get the fright of your life. And that's not just because she's so talented -  her work is genuinely scary! 

The talented teen specialises in all things creepy, and considering how detailed her work is, don't be surprised if her creations end up in your nightmares tonight!

Go to the next page to see her artwork.... just don't say we didn't warn you ;)

"Dealing with the demons in my face" is creepy, to say the least. But on a serious note - how did she get that detail right? It's pretty incredible.... if you forget about how simultaneously disturbing it is....

This doll is far from the friendly-faced Barbies I used to play with. I'd hate to wake up in the middle of the night and see this face looking at me!!

No. Nope. I do not want to play a game with you. I've seen enough Saw movies to know those games never end well!

My precioussss..... Ok, precious isn't exactly how I'd describe this look, but her Gollum recreation is definitely impressive!

That's a very literal interpretation of a broken heart... I feel sorry for whoever messed with this Queen of Hearts!

Nope. Nope. On every level nope!! This Pan's Labyrinth inspired look is the definition terrifying! 

To distract you from how scary this is, can you spot her actual facial features beneath the makeup?

Coraline looks even creepier in this version!

I'm starting to get some ideas for my Halloween costume this year!

Sometimes the more realistic the artwork, the scarier it is!

Really beautiful until you realise it's inspired by Silence of the Lambs...

"People are afraid of me because I'm different." Got that right!

Another doll I don't think I'd want in my childhood collection!

Yay! So it's not all nightmarish designs for this young artist! This recreation of my favourite snap is pretty spot on.

The nutcracker! Can we just take a moment to appreciate the detail in this one!?

Ah sweet little sloth! The least scary thing around.... I can breathe again :P