10 tiny tattoos that prove less is more

Dynamite comes in small packages...

We love tattoos, and we're all about making a bright, bold statement! But sometime less is truly more. If you aren't 100% ready for a big commitment, why not start out with something small? Minimal tattoos are a trend worth following... they're dainty, feminine and timeless!

Here's out list of top 10 favourites! Go to the next page to view the gallery...

1. Henna-inspired

This mini tat is inspired by henna art and it's beautiful!

2. Words

Short, simple, to the point. Oh, and did we mention gorgeous??

3. Pinky Swear

Perfect for matching tats with your BFF!

4. Tiny Ice Cream

So cool!

5. Flower Power

Such a sweet little daisy!

6. Tiny Heart

Lots of love for this little tat!

10 tiny tattoos that prove less is more

7. Geometry

Simple little lines can make a big impact!

8. Tiny Whale

Tiniest tattoo of the world's biggest animal! 

9. Placement

That's a lot of detail for such a tiny tat!

10. Kitty Cats

Purrfect ink for every cat lover!