The beauty world is going crazy for this goth bath bomb!

Would you soak in this black, murky water?

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When you think of bath bombs, you usually think of pretty pink, sparkly balls that turn your bath into a sweet-smelling, girly retreat. Well, prepare to have your mind blown by these goth-inspired bath bombs that will leave your tub looking like it's filled with toxic waste rather than products made for pampering.

Not that that's stopped the world from going crazy over these creepy cosmetics. This viral video shows the magical black ball in action, and we have to admit, it's pretty freaking cool!

But black isn't the only colour available for all you gothic goddesses! There's a red version too that takes the term "bloodbath" to a whole new level....

Source: Instagram

Fancy bathing in what looks like a crime scene? This creepy-cool bath has become so popular that it is completely sold out! Even though the bomb comes in an array of creepy colours, like the toxic green Serpent Bath Bomb, or the deep purple Nightmare Bath Bomb, you will have to wait until October to get your hands on any of them. The bath bombs, or Hex Bombs as they are called, are available for pre-order from Bella Muerte Clothing and Accessories.

Don't feel like waiting that long? Here's a DIY video on how to make your own black bath bomb on the next page! 

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There you have it! Now you too can solidify your goth status with this weird but kind of fascinating black bath bomb... geranium rose-scented black bath bomb that is! Even goths have a little girliness in them too!