This might be the cutest kid on the internet!

His viral science video is the best thing you'll watch today.

This might be the cutest kid on the internet!
Source: YouTube

Move over Bill Nye, little Oliver is the new science guy! This adorable 5-year-old made his very first science video showing us exactly how to do the classic tornado in a jar, and it's taken the internet by storm.... pun intended :) His father, reddit user notcodyshafer, posted the video on reddit recently, and in a few short days the video has had almost a million views. Why? Well, it's pretty much the cutest thing you'll ever see! The 5 year old clearly has a passion for science, and even gives a a few facts about real tornados and what to do should you encounter one.

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Source: Youtube

And, not surprisingly, reddit users are loving it! "That's awesome. Bill Nye would be proud" said user, AirplaneGuy737, to which Oliver's dad replied, "Bill Nye is his hero, no joke". Apparently the preschooler get all his facts himself - a true little scientist! "For the record, these videos are all his idea and all we do is stand by to help and upload them," his dad confirmed. "My best friend who I've been making videos with for years does the editing and camerawork, and I ask Oliver questions so he can explain what he's doing. It's a great way to keep him busy during the summer, and we'll keep making videos as long as he enjoys it."

Sure hope so!