You’ve been peeling hardboiled eggs wrong your whole life!

The Ultimate Breakfast Hack

There are a ton of life hacks on the internet – from the utterly absurd to the completely useless. But for all the breakfast lovers out there, this one is sure to make your morning ritual that much easier. Yes, this one actually works!

Hardboiled eggs are the ultimate snack for people on the go, healthy eaters and picky kids alike. They’re packed with protein and healthy fats, and make for a very tasty morning meal. The problem is that often times they’re more reluctant to come out of their shell than a nervous teenager on prom night! With this trick, though, you’ll be able to peel any hardboiled egg in a matter of seconds…

Simply remove the egg from the boiling water once cooked and immediately shock it in ice-cold water.  Next remove the egg from the ice-cold water, tap it on a counter top a few times so that the shell cracks, and roll it along the surface of the counter while pushing down. The shell will come right off all in one piece! No hassle, no mess and no bits of shell to clean up afterwards.

So next breakfast time, try out this nifty trick that will have you munching away without the fuss!

You’ve been peeling hardboiled eggs wrong your whole life!
Source: Goodhousekeeping