Kendall Jenner wants you to know THIS about her boobs

Since she's been showing them off lately...

Source: Twitter

A while back Kendall Jenner got a nipple ring, and couldn't wait to show it off to the world! It's a rare find to see the reality star turned supermodel wearing any padding to cover her assets, in fact, she makes no attempt to cover them at all. Her most daring outfit to date was a totally sheer and very revealing black shirt that she wore while shopping with model friends, Gigi and Bella Hadid. 

Well, since we're all talking about them, Kendall thought she would join the conversation too, and wrote a post about her boobs on her website and app...

Source: Twitter

As you can see, Kendall is a the leader of the braless brigade, and she made that very clear in her most recent post on her app.

""I really don't see what the big deal is with going braless!" she said. "I think it's cool and I really just don't care! It's sexy, it's comfortable, and I'm cool with my breasts. That's it!"

Well said, Kendall! You can see her full post on the next page...

Source: Twitter

Kendall tweeted a link to her #FreeTheNipple post which you can read on her website here

What do you think? Is she really promoting body positivity or just promoting herself (and her girls)?