This rose-shaped gelato looks way too good to eat!

The prettiest frozen dessert you'll ever see...

Gelato flowers are the prettiest summer desserts ever to grace our Instagram feeds, and these photos prove it. Gelarto Rosa, in Budapest, Hungary, specialises in flower-like ice creams in all sorts of colours and flavours. These creative frozen flowers have become somewhat of a hit, and honestly, looking at these photos, I'm about to book my flight to Budapest just to try it!

Of course, other ice cream cafes have followed suit, and gelato roses are available all over the world - yay! But it seems this charming Hungarian gelato cafe specialises in them, making it somewhat of a Budapest landmark for tourists and snap-happy Instagrammers alike. 

Ready to make your mouth water? See more of these beautiful creations on the next page!

It looks like mint, mango and hazelnut are the flavours of the day for this summery snap! 

Sometimes simplicity is key, so chocolate and vanilla may be simple, but they're also my favourite flavour combo!

The temptation to eat all the flavours must be so hard to curb... luckily a trio of flavours doesn't amount to 3 whole scoops!

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Head over down under and the gelato roses are just as beautiful!

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Way to my heart.. Gelato flowers! 🌹😻

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Who says gelato flowers are just for summer? I'll take a yummy ice cream any time of the year... especially if it's as pretty as these ones!