Here's how to spot a strong, happy relationship

How happy are you and your BF, really? Here's how to find out...

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How do you spot a good relationship? Some obvious things come to mind: respect, spending time together, good sex and trust. But did you know that your behaviour on Facebook says a lot about whether your relationship is strong or not? A recent study says it does, but not for the reasons you'd expect...

Here's how to spot a strong, happy relationship
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The Facebook world is pretty unique. Nowhere else we can we communicate and compliment each other, present ourselves to the world and at the same time stalk others! However, let's be honest, most of our 'friends' are really just acquaintances. So why, then, do we share information with people who are not particularly close to us? Especially when it comes to our relationship? Instead of protecting our private lives, we post photos of our significant others, update our relationship statuses or make public declarations of love. 

What exactly is behind this behaviour??

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Researcher Tara Marshall, a psychologist at Brunel University in London, has got to the bottom of the matter! She and her team interviewed a total of 555 Facebook users about their status behaviour and the psychological background.  

The result is amazing! The lower your self-esteem and confidence in the relationship, the more often you post things about your partner. Declarations and confirmations of 'love' are more about an ego boost than the relationship itself.

As the saying goes, the sign of a happy relationship is no sign of it on Facebook - now it's just been scientifically proven!