At first he throws a bottle of paint into water, but what he does next will take your breath away!

Van Gogh would be proud!

Source: Instagram

This is Garip Ay, a Turkish artist with an incredible talent! His works stem from an ancient Turkish art form called Ebru art. The unique look is created when substances are added to water to increase the viscosity, allowing the artist to form patterns using different colours which can then be transferred to paper. This means that no two works can ever be the same. Each painting is totally unique, and probably not like anything you have seen before!

The artist has travelled the world with his art, from his home country of Turkey, to the USA, to Russia to Scandinavia. However, it is this video that's grabbing the world's attention, making his amazing artwork go viral! Truly, you won't believe your eyes when you see what he's able to do!

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Source: Youtube

Breathtaking!! This amazing video had almost 60 000 views in only 3 days on YouTube alone, so it's no doubt that we will be seeing more from this talented artist soon!