Here's how to make your dirty sneakers look brand new!

Cheap, easy, DIY!

Here's how to make your dirty sneakers look brand new!
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Some people love the smell of new books, some the smell of a new car, but me? I love the smell of new sneakers! That fresh, clean, rubbery scent that meets your nose just as you unwrap them is what I love most! Sadly, it's not long before that sweet smell fades, just like the bright white will soon turn to a light brown. But while you can't get back that new sneaker smell, there is a way to revive dirty sneakers and have them looking brand new!

Honestly, nothing looks worse than stained sneakers, but unfortunately since they spend most of their life on the ground the dirt is inevitable. So how do you get those tough stains out and get your sneakers looking squeaky clean? Some say to use bleach, but that's a big fat DON'T! Bleaching your sneakers will only leave them stained yellow - yuck!

The best way to bring life back to your sneakers is by using a few, simple ingredients that you're sure to have at home already. Find out what they are in the step-by-step tutorial on the next page!

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Ready to get your sneakers looking fresh to death? Here's how!

What you'll need:

Liquid Detergent

Baking Soda

Tooth brush


1. Tap sneakers together to remove any extra sand or dirt.

2. Make a thick paste using equal parts detergent and baking soda.

3. Lightly scrub the paste into each shoe using an old tooth brush.

3. Rinse thoroughly with luke warm water 

4. Leave to dry in the sun.

BONUS TIP: Remove the laces before and simple wash them in the washing machine!