This couple is living your dream

They're taking us on every adventure they go on

These two are the epitome of relationship goals! The married couple have had the world mesmerised by their stunning #followmeto Instagram posts, where Murad Osmann photographs his wife, Nataly Osmann, as he holds her hand from behind in the world's most beautiful locations. Over the past 4 years the account has grown to over 4 million followers! Their plan is to head to Spain next (we can't wait to see what they get up to!!) but until they do, we've put together our top 10 #followmeto moments.

Prepare to be extremely jealous!! Click on the next page to see the gallery.... 

1. India

Pretty sure she threw that dress away after the Holi Festival....

2. Jordan

Interesting attire for the desert...

3. Philipines 

What a breathtaking sunset! 

4. Russia

Brrrrrr looks icy! 

5. Manhattan

Move over Chuck and Blaire, there's a new power couple in town...

6. Maldives

Can I just be 3rd wheel and tag along with these 2 on their adventures??

7. Hong Kong

She always dresses perfectly for the occasion! 

8. Hollywood

Damn, that's what I call dedication to the cause!

9. Brazil

Breathtaking view!

10. Spain

If this is what their first trip to Spain looked like, can't wait to see their second....