This celebrity couple has filed for divorce and we're devastated

After only 15 months of marriage they're calling it quits!

This celebrity couple has filed for divorce and we're devastated
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It's been a rough week for poor Johny Depp, who lost his mother only a few days ago. And now, to top it all off, his wife, Texan-born Amber Heard, has filed for divorce.

The 30-year-old actress cited irreconcilable differences when filing the divorce petition at the Los Angeles Superior court, stating that the pair had separated on Sunday May 22, a mere 2 days after Depp's mother tragically passed away. The two had only been married for 15 months, not long even by Hollywood's standards, although it is not Depp's first divorce, who has been married once before to make-up artist, Lori Anne Allison. He also has two children with his previous partner, Vanessa Paradis, from whom he split in 2012. Heard and Depp have no children together.

The divorce comes only months after the couple found themselves in hot water with the Australian government, forcing them to release an incredibly awkward apology video, which you can see on the next page...

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Heard was charged with illegally bringing the couple's two dogs into Australia while Depp filmed the latest Pirates of the Caribbean movie. She pleaded guilty to falsifying her travelers documents and was made to release this awkward apology video.

We don't know what's more painful - this video, or the fact that the two are splitting. It also comes at an especially difficult time for Depp who not only lost his mother only 2 days before the split, but whose latest move, Alice Through the Looking Glass, opens this week. Besides that, he also has to deal with the fact that Heard has filed for spousal support. Hopefully things start to look up for the actor, but with reportedly no prenup in place, it might take a while before this rough patch is over.