9 outfits that make you look bigger than you are

We all know it: you put on an outfit but once you look in the mirror, you realize that it makes you look bigger than you are. Avoid these clothes:

Some outfits make us look heavier.
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It's a dilemma: No matter how much exercise we do to have a good figure - there are certain outfits that make you look bigger than you are! Let's say this much: you're not alone with this problem. We'll tell you which unflattering clothes you should avoid.

A woman is wearing tight clothes which make her look bigger.
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Outfit Problem No. 1: Clothes that are too tight 

You bought a pair of jeans in your size but it just doesn't fit right? If it's too tight, rather bring it back to the store. Why? Because clothes that fit too tightly can visually add extra pounds to your figure. Plus, it's super uncomfortable.

A women wears an oversized dress which makes her look fatter.
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Outfit problem No. 2: Oversized clothes

We all love a good oversized sweater, but unfortunately they are not very flattering. If you want to look slender, better add focus to your waist by emphasizing it with a belt, for example. Turtleneck jerseys further make your face and neck look longer, which in turn optically slims you down.

Women who wear many layers of clothing look bigger.
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Outfit problem No. 3: Layers

Layering is very fashionable at the moment, and it's the best way of dressing when it's cold outside. But even though the look is very comfortable, it makes you look much rounder around the waist.

If you get cold a lot in winter, you should go for warm fabrics, like cotton. They will keep you nice and snug without you having to wear multiple layers. 

A woman wearing a patterned sweater.
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Outfit problem No. 4: Patterns

Patterns are fun but they don't make you look slender unfortunately. Whether we're talking about stripes or herringbone: the different layers add so much volume to the body that you quickly look fatter than you really are.

If you don't want to avoid patterns altogether, you should make sure the sweater is made of a lightweight fabric. 

Frills and flounces aren't flattering.
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Outfit-Problem No. 5: Frills and flounces

Frills and flounces adorn many a garment: pants, bikinis, blouses and more. They are very popular because of their playfulness, but watch out: when placed in the wrong place, the embellishments can be quite unflattering. Does that mean you have to give up frilly dresses? No! Just make sure that frills don't sit in places you want to conceal, like hips, belly or butt. They usually look better on a hemline!

You'd rather go for clothes that make you look slim? Then check out the next 4 styles!

Low-rise jeans are not only unflattering but also uncomfortable.
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Outfit problem No. 6: Low-rise jeans

Jeans that have a particularly low waistband look anything but flattering. It's not a good look, sorry!

Very colorful clothes make women look bigger than they actually are.
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Outfit problem No. 7: Shrill colors 

We all love pimping our wardrobe for the spring: bye-bye dark colors, hello all the colors! However, if you currently weigh a little more than you'd like, you should try to switch to more subtle colors. That is only an idea - if wearing colorful clothes makes you happy, definitely go for the colors!

A good friend will tell you if your clothes are unflattering.
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Outfit problem No. 8: Dishonest feedback

Going shopping is the most fun when we bring our best friend, right? Best friends are usually honest with us so we should encourage them to also say what they really think about the dress we'd like to buy. "You look amazing" is a sweet comment, but only if it's the truth.

Definitely go shopping with someone you trust and know that they will give you kind and honest feedback.

Leggings are the most comfortable thing but they don't look good on everybody.
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Outfit problem No. 9: Leggings 

Granted, leggings are the best invention for that comfy feeling. Whether we want to relax at home or work out, leggings are always there for us. Unfortunately, however, leggings are very good in mercilessly revealing our problem areas. They hide nothing.  

If you like wearing leggings everywhere, you could shop for a pair of jeans with a higher stretch percentage and replace your leggings with it.