With this plant, you no longer have spiders in your home

Nobody wants to have spiders in their home! Luckily, there is one particular plant that easily solves the spider-problem for you.

A spider in an apartment about to scare a person.
Source: Imago Images/ Nature Picture Library

Every once in a while, spiders crawl into your home...you don't want that? There is one particular plant that will keep spiders from appearing in your apartment!

Spiders in your home? Nobody wants that!

You have lots of spiders in your apartment even though you always keep it clean? The reason for that is probably summer: we open our windows throughout the day and little spiders and bugs crawl into our apartments. You're not really a fan of spiders, flies, and bugs? No problem, we have found a plant that keeps spiders away from you.

First of all, we'd like to emphasize how useful and necessary spiders are in nature, and also in your home. With their webs, they catch many little flies and mosquitos, which is also to your benefit, right? Maybe next time you see a spider, you remember this fact and don't start chasing them with your vacuum right away! Maybe it's enough to remove spider webs that have accumulated in your bedroom.

A spider crawls on the wall.
Source: imago images / blickwinkel

Why are we disgusted by spiders? 

Spiders are not only useful - they also don't sting us and can't transmit dangerous diseases. Why is it that we don't want to share our home with them anyway? Apart from probably learning that spiders are "scary" from an early age on, we can't find an answer. 

Whether you like them or not - there are more humane ways of getting rid of spiders than using the vacuum cleaner. Through joint sealing and purpose-built insect-nets, you can prevent them from scuttling into your home. Spiders like dusty environments, so regular cleaning sessions and vacuum cleaning can further contribute to keeping your place spider-free. 

The plant that keeps spiders out of your home is called lavender.
Source: imago images / Mint Images

The miracle plant against spiders

Probably the best and friendliest way to keep spiders out of your apartment is having lavender in your home. The essential oils of this plant has a repellent effect on spiders.

To keep spiders away from you, it's best to place many small pots of the plant throughout your home, on windowsills, and outside your front door to create a natural barrier against spiders. You can buy lavender everywhere: in home improvement stores, garden centers, supermarkets, or online. Next time you go shopping, it's definitely worth picking up a few of the purple-colored little plants.

And best of all, lavender has a calming effect on our psyche and promotes our sleep. Like that you kill two birds with one stone!