What Your Palms Reveal About Your Personality

Bring your palms together. Do the lines meet or is the line on your right hand positioned higher? Find out what this says about your personality:

The palm of your hands can tell a lot about your personality.
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There are so many approaches, myths and points of view on how to find out what kind of person we are. What character or personality do we possess and how do those closest to us perceive us? While each relationship we form is unique in itself, the way we interact with someone we love is pretty consistent. In order to know who we are and what we want from our dream partner – with what kind of person we can imagine growing old – all we have to do is read the palm of our hand. Don't believe it? Then try it, it's very simple:

Step 1: Bring your hands together and look at the palm of your hands.

Step 2: Look at the lines on your palms. Do they meet? Or is the line on your right hand a bit higher than the line on your left hand?

This detail says a lot about you. Here you'll read what we're talking about: 

If your hand lines don't touch directly, you are one of the "old souls".
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1. The Line on the Right Hand is Higher

If your right hand line is higher than your left hand line, you have an "old soul". You are especially attractive to people who are a little older than you, and most of the people around you are a few years older.

You're not the type to follow traditional rules – for example, what others consider “normal“. You like to follow your heart and are attracted to people who are different – those who follow other standards of living and who don't focus on what the social norm wants them to do. 

When it comes to communicating with others, you don't like to beat around the bush, you are direct and not afraid to tell the truth. 

In short, you are a person with a strong heart who follows their own feelings. No matter what society imposes as a standard. Such people are becoming increasingly rare – we think it's great that you're one of them! 

If your hand lines touch, it shows your great empathy.
Source: stylevamp.com

2. The Lines of the Two Palms Meet

Do the two lines of your palms meet in the middle? Congratulations, you have the purest heart imaginable. You are the definition of an empathetic person who always gives hope to others. 

You are incredibly empathetic, you listen to everyone and that is exactly what you get back from your partner when you are not feeling well. 

When you're in a relationship, you are grateful to the person you have chosen, and your family and friends have also taken your lover into their hearts. You don't like things to change suddenly, but you always find a way to overcome the difficulties that come your way.