Hilarious Selfie Fails That Are Guaranteed To Make You Laugh

Selfie fails are one of our favorite things in the world. They are hilarious and kind of embarrassing, but in the best way, for sure!

A women pretending to be photographed by someone else.
Source: Reddit

Some People Simply Have Bad Luck When it Comes To Snaps

Who doesn't like a perfect selfie. The angle and light are so important and then... boom... you look awesome. People on Reddit present us the other side of selfies: The dark side. The fail side. It's about lying, pretending and not taking yourself too seriously. Have fun with these 9 hilarious fails:

#1 "Aww my boyfriend is so sweet! Sneaking in shower shots of me hehe"

He he, well, unfortunately we can see in the mirror that there is no bf. Or he might be a ghost. Who knows.

[UnsetJelly via Reddit]

Just a couple taking a selfie.
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#2 What a Cute Couple 

Wait? Is it really just a couple taking a selfie? Do you see it? No? There's another pair of eyes on that picture. Do you see it now? 

[anonymous via Reddit]

The selfie's background is very interesting.
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#3 Two Guys Taking a Selfie and...

Did they see it first and wanted to capture the moment without noticing the couple behind them? Well, good job. We all get a clear view on that kind of intimate moment... 

[gongas95 via Reddit]

The selfie shows acutally three people.
Source: Reddit

#4 The Longer You Keep Looking at it The Weirder it Gets

Okay, yes, a girl trying to take a cute snap. Why the hell is her brother (hopefully it is her brother and she's not the babysitter) hanging at that door? And wait... there is a third child on the ground. This scene is so bizarre! 

[anonym via Reddit]

A selfie for a 'KeSha' theme party.
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#5 The Look on her Face is Priceless

"All dressed up for a Ke$ha themed birthday party and I couldn't resist a car selfie." We can understand the decision! Such a nice look needs to be captured. Even if this child is surprised... we still don't know if it's in a good or bad way.

[ronisneat via Imgur]

A man staring at a woman.
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#6 The Mirror...

Poor girl. She took a selfie with those funny glasses. Later she noticed that someone literally stared at her. Not cool man.

[Found_my_username via Reddit]

Another woman pretending to be photographed.
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#7 Another "Boyfriend" Who Took This Picture

"Bae caught me slippin' " 

[blueberryassassin via Imgur] 

A mother destroying a selfie.
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#8 "Hey, I'm Trying to Take a Selfie Here."

"That awkward moment when you're trying to take a selfie and a mother decides to crash your selfie with a fight". Classic...

[anonymous via Imgur] 

What a disturbing face swap.
Source: Reddit

#9 A Horrible Face Swap

First you see his face and ask yourself: What just happened? Then you see this little belly that should be fluffy and cute and there is this face!

[cavityornocavity via Reddit]