There is one compliment men love the most

It's not easy to compliment men, but there is one compliment men love the most. If you tell them spontaneously they can't resist.

To compliment guys can be tough for women although they love each other.
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We tend to compliment men very little. Saying the right thing is not always easy. You don't want to appear cheesy or even childish. But there is one compliment that is neither kitschy nor callow. You are in a relationship and you have this strong feeling that this is it. You fight through the day, you have lectures or a job, you get through your to-do list. At the end of the day you're just longing for his embrace, you want to be with him, cuddling while watching your favorite TV-show. You know this feeling? Sure, a relationship is a game of two. So it's time for you to compliment your guy more often. What do you say? We tell you what kind of compliments men like to hear more often and which one they love the most:

Men appreciate compliments for their personality more than for their looking.
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Just like women, men also like to receive compliments for their looks. While you can tell him these things everyday, it is a compliment for his personality. This makes him feel special. If you say something nice about his personality, he knows that you appreciate him. Compliments like "meeting you changed my life" can strengthen your relationship. After all, if he does something right he wants to hear it. Compliments gives him the feeling to be needed. In saying so you acknowledge his efforts in being a good partner for you. 

However, there is one special sentence that he will love even more:

There is one sentence that makes men feel being loved.
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This one sentence brings you closer to your partner. It also makes him feel secure in your relationship. You can say it whenever you like. It can even be very spontaneous, and we tell you, men can't resist but have to fall for you. The compliment is: "I love you for being loyal to me and our family. And I know that you are always there for me!". Even if it sounds self-evident, it gives him the feeling that you also see the small things in your relationship. Sure, he hates doing the dishes but he will do it anyway to help you get everything done. Telling him that he is a good man, or even a good father if you have children, is the nicest gift you can make him.

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