This Is Why Your Cat Sneaks Into Your Bed At Night:

Does your cat sneak into your bed at night? Sometimes, it even sleeps on you? There are several reasons for this kind of feline behavior!

A cat sleeps cozily in a bed.
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Have you ever wondered why your cat crawls into your bed at night? Instead of sleeping in its favorite spot, it decides to sneak into your bedroom. Adorable, right? Why does your cat behave like this?

Cats Like it Cozy

Yep, you're not the only one who can't wait to fall into your warm and cozy bed at night! Your cat not only appreciates your bed for its snugness, the rustling sound of your bedding is also pretty exciting. Plus: Your purr machine loves attacking your feet at night.

A cat is snug next to its owner.
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You Both Profit From This Sleeping Arrangement

You like it when your cat curls up on you to sleep? So does your cat: it appreciates the warmth your body radiates. It can have a positive effect on your sleep quality, when your feline decides to sleep next to you. Knowing you're not alone, you might sleep better and are less prone to experiencing anxiety at night. It's a win-win situation.

A cat wants to be close to its owner.
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Cats Enjoy Being Close to You

People who work from home know what it's like to have a cat adorably snoring next to you while you're busy typing work emails. Not so fast, though! There's a whole procedure before your four-legged friend flops down next to you. First, it jumps onto your desk, asking for its share of kindness and affection. Then, it might lay down on your laptop to show you who's boss. For a moment, you accept your cat's presence on your keyboard, but then you carefully push it to the side. It continues to sleep next to you. Cats simply dislike being lonely and love being close to their humans.

Cat enjoys lying next to its human in bed.
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You Calm Each Other Down

Have you ever noticed how calming it is to pet a cat? Cats can have a positive effect on your stress level (unless it decides to ruin your furniture). They feel more relaxed at night when they are close to you, too. They are looking for a safe space in your bed! In the wild, they were vulnerable to predators while asleep, so it's no surprise your cat wants to feel protected when it sleeps!

A cat is ready to attack its human's feet.
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Should You Lock Your Cat out of Your Bedroom at Night?

Even if it breaks your heart, sometimes there are good reasons to keep your cat out of your bedroom. If you or your partner have a cat hair allergy, your cat obviously shouldn't share your bed. Nobody needs a stuffed nose or shortness of breath at night.

Moreover, if your cat is still quite young and very active at night, it might be best to lock it out of your room before you go to bed. You're surely aware that cats are nocturnal. If your sweetheart disrupts your sleep by knocking over things, you should seriously consider keeping it out of your room while you're asleep.

An adorable cat is sleeping on a bed.
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In the End, You Know What's Best for You and Your Cat

If you can't bear to lock your beloved feline out of your bedroom, make sure it has a cozy and warm place to sleep in your room. How about a soft cushion next to the radiator? You can even train your cat to sleep in her dedicated spot by placing a treat on it every time you go to bed.

Unless you suffer from a cat hair allergy - or your cat goes completely bonkers at night - there's absolutely no harm in sharing your bed with your pet. Quite the opposite, it might even improve your sleep.

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