The 9 Weirdest Food Laws in the US

We usually don't think twice about grabbing dinner at our favorite restaurant or café, but did you know that you could break some weird food laws in the US?

In Arizona, it's prohibited to waste game fish and game bird.
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Different countries have different customs - that also applies to food. However, did you know that you'll be fined for breaking one of these 9 weird food laws in the US? We've compiled a list of strange legal faux-pas you better steer clear of in certain US states!

#1 Arizona - Sustainable Food Law

To be honest, this law is pretty reasonable. If you go hunting in Arizona, it's illegal to let any portion of game bird, game fish, or game mammal that's still fit to eat go to waste. How very sustainable of you, Arizona. 

In Delaware, you should always serve butter, not margarine.
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#2 Delaware - Obsessed with Butter

In case you own a restaurant in Delaware, you should be aware of a law that obliges you to always serve butter - if you choose to serve margarine, you have to install a sign that alerts your customers to the fact

In Indiana it's illegal to go to the movies after having eaten garlic shortly before.
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#3 Indiana - Not a Fan of Bad Breath

This will come as a surprise for those of you who love to cook with a lot of garlic. In Gary, Indiana, you have to wait at least four hours after eating garlic before being allowed to watch a movie at a cinema. Also, they will hound you if you ride a streetcar with garlic breath. Okay, maybe they won't hound you, but it's still illegal. 

You're not allowed to hit vending machines in Kansas.
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#4 Kansas - Likes Its Vending Machines

Admit it: We've all gotten angry at a vending machine before. There's no holding back when it has taken your money but doesn't spit out your snack. When that happens, you want to hit the vending machine, we get it. However, you should refrain from getting physical, at least in Derby, Kansas. If you decide to hit a vending machine there, you're actually guilty of an offense.

Louisiana prohibits ordering food for someone else who isn't informed about it.
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#5 Louisiana - No Food Surprises

If you want to play a joke on your friend by sending them an unannounced three-course-menu, you're in big trouble in Louisiana. Yep, you can be fined up to 500$ for this "funny" prank!

In Maryland, you shouldn't eat while swimming
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#6 Maryland - Don't Eat and Swim

We all know the rule: If you've eaten, wait 30 minutes before you go swimming. In Maryland, however, you really shouldn't combine the two. Don't go swimming in the ocean while nibbling on a snack

Milkmen are prohibited to run while on duty in St. Louis/ Missouri.
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#7 Missouri - Misery?

If a milkman delivers milk jugs to your door in St. Louis, Missouri, you should warn him not to jog while he's on duty. You've guessed it right: "In St. Louis it is against the law for milkmen to run while on duty." Just imagine the mess if he dropped the milk bottles!

New Jersey doesn't want its residents to slurp soup in public restaurants.
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#8 New Jersey - No Slurping Allowed

People suffering from misophonia will be happy to hear this: In New Jersey, it's forbidden to slurp your soup in a public restaurant, café, etc.

If you don't have misophonia - why not let people have fun while eating, though?

If you're on Main Street in Las Cruses/ New Mexico, you better not be seen holding a lunchbox.
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#9 New Mexico - No Strolling Around With a Lunchbox

You want to save some money and pack your own lunch for work? Good for you, but don't hold it in your hands while walking around Main Street in Las Cruces, New Mexico. For some inconceivable reason, it's illegal to carry a lunchbox while you're there

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