10 Ridiculous Reasons Why People Got Dumped

Have you ever been dumped and were left thinking: What just happened? These are the 10 most ridiculous reasons for breakups:

A couple is breaking up.
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Breakups can be rough. Especially when they come out of nowhere. Sometimes, however, it's better to go separate ways - the following stories will prove this point! 10 Reddit users share their most ridiculous breakup stories with the community. Do you think there are worse reasons to get dumped?

#1 He Kissed a Girl

"In high school she broke up with me because she saw me kiss another girl on the cheek. It was my mom's cheek I kissed."

[SecondUsernameChoice via Reddit]

A couple is arguing about immortality.
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#2 Immortals

"I dated a girl for one day. She broke up with me because in her words I was immortal. I'm pretty certain she was going for immoral but hey you take what you can get."

[furiousdanny via Reddit]

A woman is getting dumped over the phone even though she didn't know she was dating anyone.
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#3 We Were Dating?

"A guy broke up with me that I wasn't aware of dating. We had dinner once. We spoke a handful of times via text but very short messages. Out of the blue, after a few months, I get a long message telling me he has to break up with me. We were both in our late 30's."

[MalinaRaven via Reddit]

A man breaks up with his girlfriend in their RV.
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#4 The "Independent" One, i.e. the Douchebag

"We had dated in high school then 13 years go by and we reconnected. Moved to a different state, had a dog, decided that we wanted to travel so purchased an RV. I got rid of all of my stuff, bedroom furniture, washer and dryer, more furniture. About 4 months of living there and I have a seizure. Was told I couldn't drive for 3 months. I was able to work from home a couple days a week so he didn't have to drive so much but that didn't help. About 2 weeks after my seizure he told me he didn't want to take care of or be responsible for anyone...this is why he didn't want to have kids. I was floored and 17hrs from any type of family. Took me a little bit but I got back on my feet. And everything I own will fit in my car so traveling and moving is easier lol...silver lining I guess."

[cash-li3 via Reddit]

This woman ends her relationship for a strange reason.
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#5 Ouch ... why Even Bother Making up an Excuse?

"A girl once broke up with me because we were going to different schools next year and, in her words, "we would never find the opportunity to see each other."

Umm, we lived on the same street. Like literally 30 seconds away from another."

[Whetstone_94 via Reddit]

A woman surprises her boyfriend who will dump her.
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#6 Plot Twist!

"My high school boyfriend was a year ahead of me in school, and went to college when I was starting my senior year. He preemptively broke up with me at the beginning of the summer after he graduated, because he thought he was likely to meet other people in college, but then we got back together after about a month.

I should have followed his instincts because he met another girl shortly after he got to college. Apparently he tried to break up with me by email, but the message didn't get through to me on AOL (it was 1994). He sent the email right before I had planned to fly out to visit him at his college for the weekend. I only found out when I got there. That was an awkward weekend."

[finnknit via Reddit]

A couple argues and subsequently breaks up.
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#7 Maybe we Should Break up

"I broke up with my HS girlfriend because she kept using "Well then maybe we should just break up!" Every time we argued. Finally she did it when i said i didn't like Panic! At The Disco so i just said "ok" and hung up the phone."

[lordchankaknowsall via Reddit]

A woman had a bad dream abot her boyfriend and ditches him because of it.
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#8 Dream Ghosts

"She broke up with me for something that I did in her dream."

[Lorenzo_Gomez via Reddit]

A woman turns away from a guy trying to kiss her.
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#9 Age is a Difficult Concept

"Met on OKCupid.

Chatted a bit, we seemed to have a bunch in common.

We went on one dinner date that was ok but kinda awkward. He said some stuff that could either be red flags or he’s a bad sarcastic flirt, etc - I was on the fence about another date but when he POUTED that I wouldn’t kiss him in the parking lot I decided more on the no side.

We didn’t talk after that. Eh, it happens. I forgot about it and went on with my single life.


I get a message on OKCupid from him:

'I see you’re no longer lying about your age - anything else you want to come clean about?'


'Your profile says you’re 30 now.'

Yeah, because TIME PASSED and now I’m 30. Before that it said 29. That’s how ages work?

'Well I can’t entertain dating someone who would lie about something this basic. We’re done.'

When did we even start?

He blocked me.

I’m sure he felt....righteous?"

[Annoying_Details via Reddit]

The woman almost dumped her boyfriend because she thought he's always wearing the same pair of underpants.
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#10 That was so Close!

"I used to buy my underwear wholesale, like, a dozen of the same size and color for a discount. I met this girl and we would get frisky quite regularly. However, after a week or two she started to notice something, and she assumed I was wearing the same pair of underpants for weeks on end, which she (understandably) found rather off-putting.

Fortunately for me, she accidentally looked in my hamper one day...

Later she confessed that she was about to break up with me with some lame excuse or other. I'm happy she didn't, because we've been together for almost twelve years now and we have a beautiful daughter. And I've added some variety to my underwear."

[busterpkeaton via Reddit]

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