Comic: Is This The Main Problem Between Men And Women?

Sometimes we get mad at our loved ones without knowing their side of things. A comic shows us the main problem between men and women:

According to an artist, there is one main problem between men and women.
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Everyone knows the feeling: We often have the impression that man and woman talk past each other or sometimes even tick completely differently. Sometimes our favorite person doesn't get in touch for hours and we immediately imagine the worst scenarios in our heads. When we confront him later, he often reacts irritably and we have the impression that he simply doesn't want to understand our point of view. This is just one of countless examples. But a comic strip now points out the possible main problem between men and women. 

Would you like to see the illustration and know what it is about? Then click quickly on page 2:

According to the comic, women do not see the pressure men are under and, conversely, men do not see the pain of women.
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Invisible Pitfalls 

As you can see in the drawing, the man lying on the cliff is holding a woman who is in danger of falling. This is something they both perceive. She doesn't understand why he doesn't just pull her up. But what she doesn't know is that the man is being crushed by a large rock. What he doesn't know either is that the woman is bitten on the wrist by a nasty snake. 

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Of course, we all know that in everyday life we are rarely surrounded by snakes (at least animal ones), nor do we hang from a cliff every free minute. But the message of the drawing applies to virtually any situation:

We know only one perspective - and only our own.
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We Only Know One Perspective

If you listen to yourself, you already know the answer. But we'll visualize the answer for you: We only know one perspective – and that is our own. In doing so, we often simply forget to consider the situation of our partner or our fellow human beings in general, without meaning any harm. Because the problem can be transferred to every other relationship and is not only valid in a partnership. We see the world only with our own eyes and this is conditioned by our worries, fears and pains (position of the snake), by which we were formed in our life. 

On the other hand, our counterpart can give his best and be there for us, but for us, it seems like a half-hearted attempt that we get upset about and get quite angry.

But what can we learn from this drawing?

Before we get unnecessarily upset again next time, let's take a deep breath and remember that we only know one way of looking at things.
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Take a Breath and Communicate

The moral of the story is actually quite simple: Before you get unnecessarily upset again next time, you should first take a deep breath and remember that you only know one point of view - and that is your own. It is neither good for your mindset nor for your relationships if you immediately paint the devil on the wall and accuse your counterpart of bad intentions. Just try to think like the other person and assume good intentions. At least it can't do any harm, even if you might be wrong.

However, there is a magic key that contributes to a healthy relationship:

Communication is the be-all and end-all of any relationship.
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Communication is the be-all and end-all of any relationship. It's no use firing insinuations at your sweetheart or your fellow human beings right away. Just try to explain calmly and gently what is on your mind and ask your counterpart to do the same. There is no point in nagging each other. Just try to give each other an outline of your respective perspectives. However, if you find that you and/or your partner aren't really getting anything constructive out of the conversation, then you should really consider whether the relationship is really beneficial in your life.

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