3 Things Couples Shouldn't Do Every Day

Maintaining a stable and fulfilling love relationship is not always easy. But to achieve this, there are certain things couples should avoid doing every day

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We all adopt certain routines in our daily lives, some of which are not very beneficial and which, sooner or later, get in the way. Over time, behaviours also become entrenched in our relationships that are often more detrimental to our shared happiness than helpful. These behaviors include situations that most couples engage in and are therefore considered "normal". But unfortunately, the thing in question then becomes completely insignificant and every day, when it requires much more depth of meaning. If we do them every day, they lose their initial magic and become completely banal.

We tell you what it is specifically about.

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#1 Say “I love you“ Every Day

Many couples do this. Not only do we say it every day to our partner, but we also write it down. Yet, these words have immense meaning and if said at random, they might eventually lose their meaning. Saying “I love you“ at the precise moment when you really feel a deep and intimate connection to your partner preserves the significance of these three words.

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#2 Being Intimate Every Day

At the beginning of a new relationship, it is common to be intimate with each other every day. There's nothing wrong with that as such. The problem is that as soon as daily life sets in, the frequency decreases, leading to frustration for either of you. 

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#3 Discuss Each Problem

Obviously, ignoring problems is never the solution. But if you constantly want to discuss every little detail of every little problem, it may cause unnecessary stress and frustration that could actually dissipate on its own. Also, grouches can cause a negative atmosphere faster than they would like. So think ahead about whether it's really worth it to argue about something before you start a heated discussion.