Clever Tip: Here's Why you Should Wash Strawberries in Salt Water

Strawberries are simply delicious, whether on a cake, or just plain. That's why you should wash them with salt water before eating:

Depending on the region and weather conditions, strawberries grow from April to May.
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When we are not losing weight, we enjoy good food. In this case, the number of calories in the products is almost irrelevant. But of course there are plenty of tasty foods that contain few calories, like strawberries for example! They contain only 32 calories per 100 grams. Mmmh, that immediately whets our appetite for this little red fruit! But what's far more interesting than the calorie count is the latest trend in strawberry consumption. Maybe you've already heard about the need to wash strawberries in salt water? If not, you'll find information below on why you should. 

Here's why you should wash strawberries in salt water:

It is absolutely necessary to wash the strawberries before consuming them.
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Washing Strawberries

In fact, everyone knows that we should rinse the delicious strawberries with water before eating them. We also have to be careful not to squeeze the strawberries too much, otherwise they naturally become muddy. And who would like muddy strawberries that also taste like water? You'll laugh, but some people literally "bathe" the strawberries in water and forget about them on top of that, so they get "waterlogged" more or less. 

But let's get to the "trend" of washing strawberries in salt water:

It seems that the delicious berries need to be washed in salt water to get rid of the unwanted insects inside.
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Strawberries and Salt Water

But why should we wash our favorite fruit, in this case of course, strawberries, with salt water? After all, we like strawberries because they are sweet and not salty! But if we were to wash them in salt water, they would certainly taste salty, right? 

But there is another problem, besides the taste: when we pick strawberries, we sometimes meet small insects that have also taken a liking to this red fruit. But that's exactly why salt water seems to be the solution.

But how does salt water and strawberries work? 

If you wash the strawberries in salt water, you won't have any problems with worms or grubs.
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Goodbye Grubs and Worms! 

Wow, did we just read that correctly? No more grubs or disgusting worms? It's almost hard to believe, because how many times have we wished for that? Strawberries without worms! Eating strawberries and enjoying yourself at the same time? It is now possible!

Here's how to do it: just dip the strawberries in a bath of salt water and wash them a bit. Then, of course, drain the water and don't forget: Don't overdo it and don't leave the strawberries in the water for a long time! We still don't want the strawberries to be muddy. 

But how does it work to make them "disappear" with the salt water?

The small unwanted insects are attracted out of the strawberries by the salt water, which allows us to eat the strawberries in peace.
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This is Why the Insects "Disappear".

To get rid of the little bugs in the strawberries, you have to wash the strawberries in salt water. So far, we have understood this. But do the little bugs "disappear" then? What exactly happens with salt water? 

The solution: the unwanted guests are attracted to the salt water and crawl out. After a few minutes, the little bugs leave their "home" almost in a hurry and we can then enjoy our strawberries all to ourselves - or at least without bugs. Of course, only after removing the strawberries from the water. Then we can finally say: Bon Appétit!