Dishwasher Tip: This Hack Will Make Your Life Easier

Very few people know the secret tip of the dishwasher, which is very simple. But this tip will make your daily life much easier!

The dishwasher is definitely one of our everyday heroes.
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Let's be honest, there's hardly any appliance we love more than the dishwasher - and the refrigerator, of course! But back to our everyday dishwashing hero: we don't always have it easy, because often not everything fits in the appliance. But the tip you're about to discover could make your life a lot easier!

One young man has discovered a secret function that we'll all be thankful for! 

Refilling the dishwasher can quickly become a challenge if everything doesn't fit in the dishwasher, but the secret trick helps all the more.
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Thank You, Dear Dishwasher

When it comes to cleaning, dishes are definitely one of the most annoying things there is. So it's all the better that the dishwasher does most of this work for us every day. However, we often overload it desperately and it's not uncommon for arguments to arise in the family or in relationships over who is better at filling the dishwasher. But Irishman "Mike Mc Loughlin" shares on Twitter a feature that just about every dishwasher has and that he only recently discovered in the instruction manual. 

The trick is this: 

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It's no wonder that more than 80,000 people are now enjoying this revelation

But let's get to the point: how do you set the top drawer? 

The trick to the dishwasher is that the top rack is adjustable in height.
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Secret Function of the Dishwasher

The following tip can be read in the instructions for conventional dishwashers: The top drawer has a "push" function that allows you to adjust its height. If it's not a lever or knob, older dishwashers often have more than one row of wheels that allow you to place the top rack on the rail. 

Take a good look at your dishwasher, can you use this trick? 

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