10 Single Men Divulge Why They Didn't Want A Second Date

If the first date went well, a second one usually follows right after. But these single men disclose why they didn't call for a second date

The woman was so annoyed that the man did not want a second date with her
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Sometimes first dates can lead directly to a second date, if the chemistry is right. But not everyone is this lucky, especially not these 10 single men who shared on Reddit why they didn't want a second date with a woman. It wasn't because the ladies weren't interested or because of the men's behaviors – it was for completely different reasons: 

#1 Seems Like She Didn't Feel Like it

"She rolled her eyes when I said she looked nice. (She had put in a lot of effort.) Criticised where I chose to eat. Complained about the music we went to see. I spent the whole date anxious, assuming that she was hating every moment - because, you know, she didn't have anything positive to say about anything. Then I get:

"I had a good time! Let's do this again."

Nah I'm good. I've got enough negativity and mixed signals coming from my own brain. I don't need that coming from the outside too."

[pompadours via Reddit]

On the date, she talked about weird topics the whole time.
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#2 Various Topics of Conversation 

"I went on a date with a lady I met online. She talked about three things on this date and little else.

Her pets.

Her ex.

The last time she had gastro.

There was no second date."

[Bangersss via Reddit]

She had not brushed her teeth before the date, which the man noticed
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#3 Don't Forget to Brush Your Teeth!

"Teeth as black as the night. She didn't have any diseases or syndromes but simply no "time" to brush her teeth.

For the record. Her photos didn't show her teeth"

[Nito_BlessSource via Reddit]

On the date she ate with her hands, which was very disgusting for the single guy
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#4 There's Probably no Second Date at a Restaurant

"I met a girl from my university for dinner one time and she started the date off by saying she only ate with her hands and didn’t use utensils because she’s a “super taster” and can taste the metals they’re made of. This wouldn’t have been a problem if we were eating finger foods of course, but it was a problem as I watched her eat a salmon filet and wild rice like fucking Gollum..."

[wasqa2 via Reddit]

She constantly poured alcohol into her coffee, which disturbed the man
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#5 Drunk on a Date is not a Good Idea

"Went out for coffee. She brought a bottle of vodka and kept 'topping up' her cup. I politely asked her what the deal was, and she said she liked to party. When it was time to go, she fell over and started screaming that I had to help her up.

I did, told her to wait right there, and left.

I helped her stand up and then bounced. I'm not a complete asshole"

[MeanElevator via Reddit]

If she does not like music, he prefers to stay single
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#6 Why Would You Do That!

"I asked what music she listens to, and she replied "I hate music""

[Dustin_Lumberpond via Reddit] 

She only talked about zombies with the man on the date.
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#7 The Apocalypse is Coming

"The Zombie Apocalypse. She was obsessed with zombies and we spent hours talking about what routes and safety measures she had planned in case there was a sudden outbreak. A plus for her was that she works in a hospital where it would all inevitably start.
She was also just watching Netflix and working, so she was pretty boring. After the first beer, I left."

[Ttatch1 via Reddit]

In the cinema she talked all the time, that's why there was no second date
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#8  No More Going to the Movies With Her

"I once went to a movie as a first date with a girl (her idea; bad idea). She got there late and the movie had already started. She then wanted to talk during the movie in the middle of the crowded theater. I didn't shush her or anything, but everything was a one-word answer, trying to end the conversation. She got up halfway through and said I was obviously not interested in her. She was right."

[pzycho via Reddit]

The single man does not want to give up his cat for a date
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#9 Nothing Against My Cat !

Her: "You'd have to get rid of your cat"

Me: "I'd get rid of you first"

[scamperly via Reddit]

She wanted to pick up something from herself and her ex on the date.
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#10 No T-Shirt for the Single Man

"I drove her home because she didn't have a car at that time, and she asked we stop for an errand... to pickup matching T-Shirts she had designed for her and her ex."

[snapyourvitals via Reddit]